Saturday, July 19, 2014

Thank you Keurig!

Good morning it is, in the land of Lima.

So, a few days ago I received and email from Keurig. I've been an owner for years. This email was along the lines of "email us if you'd like to help kids get clean water & you get a free brewer". Well, mine is old and not as fast as it once was (probably needs cleaned). I decided I would email back, sure, I'd host a small party with some friends, help out a charity, and get a new brewer.

So what would a person do with two brewers you may be asking, well, as it turns out we wanted a small coffee maker for the camper. These are not small, but for free, I will gladly put the old brewer in the camper and the new one will go in the house kitchen.

Low-and-behold - I got selected to host a #brewviewgive party!!

Bright and early (8am) Fed Ex Dropped this wonderful package on my doorstep! (There's still another package on the way with 5 (5 count) sample boxes of beverages that I selected. I don't know too much about this party that I'm supposed to host just yet, but I'm excited and happy. :)

Thank you Keurig!

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