Friday, July 25, 2014

24 hour Fire Phone Review

Amazon Fire Phone Review
**I paid full price ($200 with 2 year contract) I am NOT being compensated in any way!!

I'm not usually a pre-order phone type of person but this phone peaked my interest and I had the upgrade available on AT&T (the only carrier that provides service for this phone).

My initial thoughts on the phone::
  • The phone works excellent! Call quality is great, ability to have service is great. I live in a dead zone, my Galaxy S4 frequently went off network for calls and texts. Never  mind attempting to get 4G data inside my house. 
  • The apps are OK but lacking big time. I use Bank of America and the app is not available, even the kindle fire app for BOA is not available. Nor is the powerschool app that my kids school uses. I can do everything on the browser except deposit checks. I have an ipad so I can still use that to make the mobile deposits (which is good because BOA closed the physical locations closest to me).
  • The picture/camera quality is great! The various settings for the camera are easy to find and use.
  • There's no back button. This was driving me nuts. Then I realized, if I swipe up, it works as a back button. :)
  • There's no notification light (or I haven't figured out how to turn it on). This is a pain trying to figure out if there's a reason to take the phone off sleep mode.
  • You can change the volume for a set period of time (3 hours). This would be nice for those times when you just need turn the ringer off for a short time (dinner, movies, class).
  • The mayday button is cool. I could not figure out how to delete unwanted text messages so I hit the mayday button. It's odd seeing the person you are talking to. Amazon claims they can't see you but I have a feeling they probably can. The man that I talked to was nice and helpful. He was "drawing"
    on my screen to walk me through everything. This is a nice feature to have.
Overall, I am happy with the phone for now. I figure I will either fall in love with it or hate it in a week. We'll see once the romance wears off. I'll post once I decide how I really feel about the phone. 

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