Friday, June 27, 2014

You're paying how much to rent that?!?!?

WOW! Sometimes I am amazed at what people pay for things. I follow a few bloggers, one that centers around "real food" living. The family eats stuff my family would never eat, but I do get a few ideas from them.

She recently rented an RV/Motor home. They are paying $241/night to rent this RV. She's a big blogger and gets sponsored, I really hope the RV company is sponsoring some, if not all of the rental fee for her. Her trip is 4 weeks in the RV. 28 nights x $241 =  $6,748. For that amount, I could have bought my RV twice, with two full tanks of gas!

If she's sponsored, yea, I'm jealous. If she's not sponsored and paying, yea, I'm jealous. We live comfortably, my husband has a good job and a small business, and there's no way he could take a month of off work.

We also have pets, the dog would go with us, but I don't know about two cats and a dog in an RV. I don't think they have pets.

The dog, CJ loves to play in the morning. Unfortunately, I like to work in the morning and he's a little distracting.

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