Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Take that! cravings!

I have a little diner about 7 miles down the road (closest place to eat out around here). They have strawberry pie on the glowing menu board every time we are there. Every time, we say we're going to order some. Either we get too full or the waitress is too slow and we never get the pie. I found an easy recipe on pinterest Here's the original link. I don't bake too often so rather than risk a crust, I cheated and did a store bought graham cracker crust.
The original recipe makes too much for the graham cracker crust.

Here's my version:
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons corn starch
3oz box strawberry jello
1 pint fresh strawberries
1 graham cracker pie crust

Bring the water, sugar, and corn starch to a slow boil while stirring. This magic thing happens and it goes from liquidy to goopy and translucent.
Remove from heat, stir in the jello mix.
Let it cool for a couple of minutes (I used this time to cut the fresh strawberries).

Pour a little of the red mixture into the bottom of the pie plate.
Add a layer of strawberries.
Repeat until the pie plate is full.
Refrigerate until set firm.
Eat with some cool-whip or whipped topping and YUMMY!!!!

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