Monday, June 2, 2014

So today has been a great day! Today my youngest child (Emma) earned the privilege of a special field trip. The top 5 readers in her school all got to go swimming and eat lunch at Taco Bell. It was nice to have kids recognized for performing well academically.
Funny part is that the kids were treated to Jeep rides.......we own like 6 Jeeps right now. If you check out the Taboo Customs link on the right, you will see that I own a business making custom Jeep parts. My kid rides in a Jeep daily. BUT this was fun and special for her because she was with her friends and going to a cool place. Way to go Emma!

Today was also cool because when I arrived home I checked the mail. Expecting bills, no bills today! We had our Jeep Club event registrations, a rebate check from Menards, as well as a VoxBox from influentster. They sent me some goodies to use & review. Being that I open the mail all of 10 minutes ago, I have not had time to test the stuff out, but it looks cool! In the box there was a Neosporin Neo To Go, Coupon for a free Bryers Gelato Indulgences, Ivory Bar Soap, Avon Anew REvesalist Express Wrinkle Smoother, Puffs to go, and Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card.

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