Monday, June 23, 2014

Watch out world - we're on the way....

So my last post was my complaining about how I was stuck at home. The powers that be were in work and read that post! A friend of ours from the TRJC (Two Rivers Jeep Club) decided to put his motor home up for sale on facebook. I saw the post and moved on. I mean really, this is what was posted:

Dave asked me about it at 8pm the night it was posted. We decided maybe we should get it. We'd save $300 twice a year when we go to the public events the club holds. We also miss out on the club dinners because we never have a place to shower. We also have a dog with high anxiety so boarding him really isn't an issue and it we OK, not horrid, not good, the last time we left him at home and had someone stop by to take care of him.  Besides, who wouldn't want to bring this cutie along!?!?

So, in the end, we decided to buy it. The inside needs some attention (it's just old/out dated) 

We almost made it home before it died. Really, the trip home was not fun. The RV had little gas so Dave needed to stop a little earlier than planned. I was following behind in the Jeep. Dave had the GPS, I thought nothing of it when he said for me to go ahead and stop in Quincy to pick up Chinese food for dinner. I have google maps on my phone.................but it doesn't work in B.F.E........I missed a turn and ended up lost. I finally made my way back to the highway and called Dave, he was 15 miles ahead of me on the highway. Guess I should have waited for him at the gas station. 

I was about 10 miles from Quincy when all hell broke loose with the weather, full blown panic attack while I was driving. I took an earlier exit off the highway just so I could safely drive slower. I went to our favorite Chinese take out place. Chatted with the delivery driver that was at my house once a week when we lived in town for a bit. It's sad, they are putting in a Panda Express in a parking lot right next to them. I promised the driver that I would never go there!
While I was waiting on the food, Dave called. The RV died at an intersection about 12 miles from the house. So I waited for the food to finish, and then headed up to him and the kids stuck on the road in the pouring rain.  Luckily I had jumper cables in my Jeep and RV started back up with a jump start. I don't know what's wrong with it but Dave thinks it's a loose connection some where and hopefully it will be a cheap easy fix. 

Right now the plan is for our maiden voyage to be in mid-July because there is a Jeep club run. Hopefully the bugs will be ironed out and all will be well. Today's plan is clean the house, garage, and catch-up on laundry. As soon as the house is back in order, the RV will get some TLC.

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