Sunday, June 1, 2014

June Menu

So, I HATE cooking but I love to eat and my family seems to want to be fed multiple times a day. June starts summer vacation for the kids, so while I save a little in not buying school lunches, I do have to spend more at the store and cooking more.........blah!

Breakfasts tend to stay the same for the summer, we keep with the basics. Cereal, waffles, toast, and eggs. Not all in one day, but just those foods rotated out.

Let's also get real, I can afford to grocery shop at the name brand stores, and I do from time to time because there are just some things that Aldi's does not carry. For the most part though, I shop at Aldi's.

I suggest you take a look at my June Meals board on pinterest. I have linked all the foods that require more than a basic "I know how to cook hotdogs".

JUNE Pintrest Board

CLICK the menu to make it a bigger picture!

I'm also kinda lazy/smart, I hate the time it takes to meal plan so I have google calendar and I put my meals into it. Then in the following year, I can look back and see what we ate. Here's June 2014 so far:

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